The Basis of My Life is Freedom; The Purpose of My Life is Joy .

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I saw “Prince of Persia” on dvd. It’s the 2nd time that I've seen it. Every single point of it was heart staggering. The movie has so much love and I just don’t want it to end
The 1st thing I felt when it apparently did was to see it again. 

Suddenly, I remembered my previous relationship with my brothers. How we used to envy and look at each other as a competition. 

Suddenly, I remembered how I used to think of every single lover I have had as my destiny. It's kind of funny now.

Time has erased all of that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


1. I am my own critic. After a long day of work, I evaluate myself and I tend to focus on the weak side of my performance. Ya ya. You’re thinking I am soo negative. What’s with the law of attraction that drives people nuts about negativity? I think it is also important to acknowledge them so they won’t happen again. Therefore, you will become better. You can’t just deny the fact that something bad happened. I am sorry if I am not conceited, okaay?! Sometimes I think it’s good to look at the weak parts so you’d know how to defeat them next time. I am aware that nobody is perfect. But you should at least try to become one?

2. I prefer to dream while awake than sleeping.

3. Unlike before, I have learned to ignore people who just can’t live with out saying deceitful things about me. Just don’t try to touch me. My hands immediately react to that and I might smash you with anything with in reach.

4. I imagine of me doing a music video when I can’t sleep at night.

5. I sometimes find silence so deafening especially when I am expecting some answers. Silent war isn’t my forte. We’d rather throw plates and vases at each other than fight only with our eyes. Argk!

6. I once lost my ability to trust people. It was a struggle trying to regain it. I understand that a person or 2 people, not even 5 people, who repeatedly maltreated you, must not represent the entire people around the world. It is alright to trust someone. Just be careful who you choose.

7. I have a cuddly puppy which doesn’t grow and pee on sneakers.

8. I have a supernatural ability to laugh out loud.

9. I’m a silly writer. I often make fun of myself. hehe

10. I also laugh in misery. I don’t do like oooohhhh I am soooo saaad. Please help me. Or ohhhhh let’s all be sad and not watch a movie. Let’s just be saaad all of us. Ohhh. Lmfao.

11. I have butter fingers.

12. My dad past away when I was 3 years old. He got depressed when he got duped twice by illegal recruiters and in a business by a former friend of his. So my mom flew to South Africa for work and supports us financially. She tried so hard not to fall in love again because it’ll be a distraction. So I basically grew up with my Lola. I was so young and I was ao annoying to hear her telling me things about her past experiences. Perhaps I was a spoiled kid. A big brat. Then, I cried like a baby when she lost her voice 4 years ago. Whenever we talk over the phone I get a bit sad because I practically can’t attend to what she’s saying. I just pretend that I do. I’d fake a laugh. Then I’d hear my mom in the background,”she said she has a headache.” “Oh”. I am miles away from home now and I miss grandma.

13. I’d kill for my little sister.

14. Why do I get turned on whenever I clean my ear with a q-tip?

15. I’d fist-fight for my friends.

16. Making tiny bubbles with saliva is gross. That is why I am beginning to avoid doing it. It helps me fall asleep on the bus.

17. I absolutely have no control of my bashfulness. It’s like one day I am the most talkative person in the planet the next day I want to hide under a big rock.

18. If I’d base the way I kiss to the rules that you told me then I am the worst kisser in the world. What’s with the creepy rules? There are rules in kissing? Sssspare me! I think that having mine on the lips of the one I love…or lust makes it awesome. Period.

19. When I was 5, I used to believe that Peter pan was real. Trust me. The show is kind of dangerous. I attempted to jump thinking I’d float from my aunt’s vanity table.

20. If I am to point out my real friends on my 5 page g-list for my birthday 2 years ago when I was still in MNL, I will have 4 & ¾ pages of paper for picking up my dog’s poop.

21. I think cussing me in bed is sweet. Hihi.

22. I would rather quit and be financially miserable prowling my mom’s atm for a moment than do something that I don’t love.

23. I have 2 different voices when talking. One is my normal voice the other is Kiko maching with a strong regional accent.

24. I think that just saying Sorry is worthless. Especially when you just said it because you got caught red handed. Here’s how it should go: Just Admit what you did, say Sorry like you mean it and then Swear not to do it again. <Always remember: A.S.S.>

25. Ako’y maginoo pero medyo bastos.

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