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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I saw “Prince of Persia” on dvd. It’s the 2nd time that I've seen it. Every single point of it was heart staggering. The movie has so much love and I just don’t want it to end
The 1st thing I felt when it apparently did was to see it again. 

Suddenly, I remembered my previous relationship with my brothers. How we used to envy and look at each other as a competition. 

Suddenly, I remembered how I used to think of every single lover I have had as my destiny. It's kind of funny now.

Time has erased all of that.


rudeboy said...

If only we could turn back time, indeed.

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

then everything will be perfect. sometimes perfect can be boring. there will be nothing to write about. no lessons to be learned.