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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sili Kid

It’s funny how my mind works sometimes. It’s currently 6:36 pm on my watch and it is telling me that I am feeling dizzy because I haven’t slept yet.

“Don’t bull with me, Brain.”

On the 1st day of my 1 month vacation, I slept the entire day away. …Well, I hit 13 hours. That one time! It destroyed my body clock. Things are so easy to destroy (I F&%king slept on it!) but sooo hard to fix. I’m wide awake at night and tucked in bed in the morning. Very uncool. I can’t turn up the volume of my box, jump on my dance pan and I have to wear a headset when watching porn in my laptop. Yes, I live in a condo. Most of em are almost sound proof. But I used to get disturbed in my sleep at 3am by the ooooing and f&%king of my upstairs neighbor (Gradually,it stopped. I guess it was just too cold last winter). I’m always cautious in this town. The last thing I need is getting caught up in an argument with a Chinese here. I’d want to eat my eardrums. This late afternoon, around 3pm, I went to Café de Corale to order some tapao (take-out) for lunch. I asked the counter if the meal I ordered includes a rice (Chiga yo mifan ma?). She said, yes (Yo). When I got home to check my food, I was a bit appalled when they put in noodles. Or sotanghon ata toh! Kaso parang spaghetti and timpla. Then, I found out that I pronounced mifan with a different tone. It should be mifan with the straight tone in stead of going down. Kansunyi (Fuck til you die) and gansunyi (thank you very much). Not sure if my pin yins were right. They sound like that so. Imagine how complicated mandarin is? Gah! I have an extremely sensitive body clock. It was probably because of all the partying when I was still in my hometown. Staying up late almost every night made its pendulum susceptible and weak to deal with any fleeting time-bound habit.

July 27, the school I work at begins to close for the summer vacation. 13 days to go and the classes will start again. Gah, it’s that swift, huh? I haven’t accomplished anything on my summer vacation activity list yet.

1. Beefed up.

2. Time is bold (to fly). Earn still. Find a part-time job!!!

3. Guanzhou Project.

4. Dip in the pool. (1 tambling lang ang pool o!)

5. MNL.

6. Tidy up the house.

This morning, I was so indecisive whether to hit the gym or just let myself rot at home. Reading my friend’s blog about a zit contaminated me with one on the part of my face where it is absolutely impossible to hide with anything. Plus it is too red to be true. Fire RED! with glitters on top of it that says,”Hello,Planet Earth!”. Because of it I am too embarrassed to just even walk in the hallway of this building.


I remember telling someone that one of the things that love about staying here in Cn was going out with out having to worry about anything in the way I look. I’d go to work wearing the shirt I was wearing the other day. Or even just yesterday. Oks lang. Winter naman so I hardly broke a sweat. Cutting my fingernails becomes a monthly routine. Or I’d just cut them when I notice that I can plant potatoes in it already. So what? Chinese won’t care. Luckily, most men grow their fingernails to serve as their weapon when needed. I am not even kidding! I wonder why the women in here also don’t mind their armpits are turning into a rain forest. Also as a weapon I guess.

“I will strangle you with my super powerful rope in my sleeves! Haaiii Yaaa!”

In the city bus, it’s always overflowing with pheromones. So smelly I’d think it’s me already. But hey! Zero worries if it’s me. No one will blog about how grimy I look in public. No one knows me here. But now?

Now, I am conscious. (Thinking this with a Smile)

Amazingly, I was able to gain some friends in here. Gained some with out even trying. Like impressing them or something.

It took only me…

Deep breathing…

I’m near the end of my 2 years of living in here (Still Counting). Ph and Cn are both in the same continent. But this place is completely different from where I grew up. Houjie is like the Limbo. It’s in the middle of provincial and urban. Like when the first time I tasted absinthe absent. Mind boggling on how to exactly describe its taste. When you seem to have the precise adjective you’re already too drunk to say the words. Ahh..China: Sweet,hazardous,traditional and liberating. It's like a shark. A big trainor of the all the species in the deep blue sea. It cultivates me to be the most vigilant person in the entire world and it humbles me.

I’m changed forever.


Kane said...

Honey, my mouth fell open when I saw it was you. Wow.

Talk about surprises. I'm glad you can still surprise me, after all this time.

Na miss kita.


Fickle Cattle said...

My brain rarely works with me too.

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

I'm glad I checked my account the moment I woke up. When I saw your comment I am in the positive mode right away. I've always known you'll be the 1st one to comment on my stuff in here. Who'd be willing to spend time and read on my silliness but my ol friends. hehe.
yep. it's just me! hehe. well I hope nothing flew in. B-) Thanks,Yetaineng. Keep in touch.

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

Ficke Cattle: Hmmm...know what, I've used your primary photo in one of my ppt presentations in class. My kids laughed at it. It's such a cutesome picture. weeee! hehe.
Well in times you're alone at least you got something that's really there to talk to.
Hmm..ok thanks. let me check it out and see how it bugs you. hehe

jericho said...

13 days? time to have a shortlist of the vacation activity list. :D hope the new changed you shall swing by hk one of these days. enjoy the rest of the summer!

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

I will do swing,waltz,tap or who knows? maybe even tango? hmm. you too,Aa. Jericho daw o. hehehe

PinstripedBoxers said...

Hey there Kid thanks for letting me see a snapshot of your life. I liked the flow of your blog, it isn't your typical read. It was refreshing!