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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Huddle

LF: Thank G were here!

Me: Isn’t he gonna stick with us? Baka naman isipin ni G you just used him to get the others in.

LF: Hehe!

I: I think I better go. I saw toooot. They’re together.

LF: Andito din? I thought andun sya sa Emba kanina?

I: Well..

Me: Listen,I,don’t say that. Trust me. You know I’d tell you if you look like shit. The other day, yes,you did. But tonight, you look grrreat! The best way to really get over someone is to look hot as hell and be with another. Then, Toooooooot will notice you and ask you back. That’s when you retaliate and ditch, bitch.


I: Alright. I will try. Thanks.

Me: So are you gonna pop,L, or not? So we can have you backed up?

LF: Since andito ka. inom na laaaang! hehe

J: So?

LF: So fuuuun!

J: So let’s!

I: So faaaar….s…

Me: So fetch!



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