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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Candle for Mourning

I’d like to apologize for the blog that I posted entitled “Confusionism…???...!!!”. It was an abrupt attempt to show my high level of concern with my fellow Filipinos who live abroad particularly in Cn and HK. One of the things that I love about the Chinese culture is their unfathomable love for their elders. It was undeniably terrible to witness seeing the victims especially the elderly being harmed by someone who was clearly desperate seeking justice. My fear carried me away. I fear of how people would react to what happened and try to even the score to some of the Filipinos who are apparently below them. When I woke up this morning and opened my laptop, it was inevitable to get a recap about the unimaginable thing that occurred. It is all over the news. I was on-line browsing for lunch and it popped out before my eyes from nowhere. I swear I did my best to skip the comments part of the articles but it was a much stronger force than me. They were indeed angry comments. Thinking that they should retaliate to us because they think that the policemen didn’t want to help because the passengers were not Filipinos was just illogical. It was really hurtful of them saying terrible things about how little us, Filipinos. I am a Filipino and I love my country. I guess it was pretty clear that we are very humane because we give all human beings (disturb, convicted and even the obviously harmful) a chance to come back to goodness. But unfortunate things happen. I remember one commenter was practically persuading their government to just declare war against us. No, they’re not afraid at all. They think we are very little. But I am okay with it. I guess it is more painful losing someone you truly love. Losing someone forever with out having the chance to say good bye and hug them and say how thankful you are for the love they’ve given you. So I take all of it. I understand. I was also like that when I heard the news about China had distributed melamine contaminated food products throughout the entire world. But after a while I realized that not all Chinese people should be blamed. Time heals all wounds. I hope for peace and the forgiveness of the love ones of the victims and the entire Chinese people.

“Did the Philippines try its best to deal with this incident?” Duzoubeige, or Singing Elegy Alone, tweeted” I can’t help but get angry!!”

I am sorry to you if I had unintentionally mocked all the policemen of MNL. From now on, I will try to give myself some time to breathe and think before I let my fingers type my heart out into a blog. I know that I don’t have lots of followers here (yet) but it reached you and you got hurt. I’m sure that your policeman father is not a bad person. Again, I am sorry.

Sina blogger wrote: “I feel sad for those who died. (Hongkong compatriots) please come to travel in China. No matter what you will be in the arms of the motherland. It will be safe.”


Ex Jason said...

This is exactly the reason why I stopped myself from blogging about the incident.

Anonymous said...

i can feel you. whenever these bad things happen, sometimes i regret to be a filipino. But there must be a reason to still be proud to be a filipino. all i can say and also sorry for the HKnese specially the victims and their familes. not all filipinos are like these, there are still much more nice and respecful filipinos in and out of PI.


Silly_Sili_Kid said...

@Ex Jason:congrats. Me? I just couldn't help it. I saw some other very annoying details about it. good thing i have stronger self-restraints now.

@Anonymous: Not really ashamed. in my case, i guess I have really learned how to embrace the way of life of the Chinese & HKnese. After hearing the details of the news I also got so hurt as if I am one of the loveones of thevictims. I've been dwelling in their homeland for a long time now.But of course I can't deny to anyone my nationality.the thought of denying it is just dreadful. Perhaps I was so angry because I share a big part of me with those who were responsible.