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Monday, August 23, 2010


Tonight is like the other nights that I am very busy and unavailable though I am not doing anything.

Well, this early evening, I was about to get out from the groceries with 2 heavy green bags when the storm started. Normally, it drizzles 1st but since I was the one who was going out it accelerates to a thunderstorm. I hurried out to get a cab so I can go home faster. (Luckily, there was one waiting just outside the shop) Out of the blue, a man was trying to point me something on the ground. He was with his kid and also has a bag of groceries in his hands.

Man: Wei, nida tsiong rshicnksn ching chang chung ching (I’m still nega in Mandarin)

Me: ………..

Houjie is like a wild jungle of Mainland,China. One time, I went to the bank by bike. I chained it up around a 4 feet plant in the parking area along with the other bicycles. After 20 minutes, I got back and look for my bike but it’s already gone. Funny thing is, the plant is also gone. The 4 feet innocent plant: they took it! With my bike! Can you believe it? So I guessed the plant was there for a dark reason. I was like, “Dude, Where’s my bike!” So I just walked to my building feeling a bit pissed. I took my keys, opened my door, turned on the air-con, put my knapsack down and sat on my sofa. Then, I was shocked to see all the zippers of my bag were open. Lots of people saw me walking and nobody bothered to tell me that I was being robbed.

So going back,I said  to the guy, “Shama? Wo timbudong (What? I don’t understand).”

*Thinking he's just another bugger trying to trick me.

The guy looked away. So I opened door of the cab and get inside. When suddenly I had a feeling that I dropped something. I immediately searched for my phone and wallet. Those are one of the most important things. I went in the cab and it moved right away. I looked behind to see the guy again and saw him picking up something from the ground. And there they go. Great! He has my eyeglasses now. Argk. I knew it!

He tried to clean them with his shirt and put them on to his kid. The kid looked really happy.

Grocery List:

1. Seaweed Strips

2. 7 Kgs. uncooked Rice

3. Lemons

4. Spam

5. Condensed milk

6. Shrimps

7. Lactobacili Drink

8. Siliiiii. B-)

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Kane said...

I love how you described Houjie using your personal experience as an anecdote.

Wow, you really are writing regularly ha =)