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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ubiquitous Young Canis


I remember the first time we’ve been formally introduced to each other like it was only last night that I didn’t get drunk. In late 2004, I got invited by your close friends, PR & C, (whom I met the night before) to an event named Androgeny & Confusion. It was your 1st Show ever. You were the Creative Director. I went there with my former banger partner looking preppy. Green Shirt, leather shoes, gray slacks and jacket. Sabi mo you were a bit shocked kasi para kaming contestants ng Mr. Pogi. Haha. It was an outstanding show for a college student like you. Look t you now! You’re really talented and I am so proud of you. Will always be. Since then, when I became a part of the group, we were inseparable. You never failed to make me laugh. We were good friends.

I was so young and life was just a big party for me. Do you remember when we committed ourselves to this 1 whole week party? Teenagers pa tayo kaya wala pa tayo masyado connections and we volunteered as assistants to B to get full access sa event. It was a lot of fun. I don’t miss that life anymore though. I guess I finally grew up.


I’m sorry…

Discovery Suites,Ortigas:

I was a restless runaway. AP was still trying to move on from her controversial break-up with this basketball star RH and Discovery served as our hide-out for a month. We get drunk every night from clubbing and after parties. Pag-uwi jutes. DT: AP’s former flavor of the week used to always bring us a lot of grazzz.

AP: Anong meaning ng ALIZE?

Q: Ako Lasing Ikaw Taga Zoo Ewan.

AP: Wooo! Yeah. Go.

DT: Ano nga yun? Unbecoming. Reluctant laugh. (DT: The SlowMo reluntant laugh)

*I knew he wasn't gay. He just looks gay because he is too cute and clean. And timid. and reluctant. Matter of fact, A.P told us that he's the biggest of them all. haay. A.P Sometimes I think how many personalities do you have. Now,you're asking us whether to pursue your relationship with DT and tell the media about it when a minute ago you were telling us how sad you were breaking up with Ball Guy because he caught you flirting with.. i dunno I forgot which one. You tell us a million of names of your hook-ups.

C & P: Steady lang kasi they don’t smoke pot Lights lang.

AM and AP were still close “friends” and she also hanged out with us several times. We called her Hallie (Hallie berry of Cat woman)

*Honestly, i think AM is one of the nicest and down-to-earth celeb I've met. Too bad for her she's "best friends" with A.P.

AM: Talaga? So sabihin mo sa mom mo na ako,AM, and girl friend ng sister mo. And ako mismo kakausap sa mom mo.
* Wow! what a relief! but I was really grateful about the advice. I think she's a good actress too. Contrary to what other people say na boobs lang daw ang umaarte. Hands down to them. They're outstanding and "real".

Birthday Party of WM:

AM: Super Drunk.

A.P: Whispering. “ Look oh. Si AM gumagamit ng oil blotter Gooo from neck sa tenga sa noo sa pisngi sa batok.”

All: laughs.

Then she stood up and tried to cross the barrier of the veranda.

AM: She’s really crazy.

Kaya nabansagan na Hallie si AM.

One of the most memorable moments of our stay in DS was during A.P’s birthday. After her err premiere showing of her movie with RP we headed to the hotel. The crown goes to A.P. Flavour of the hour in one night. First!!!


* How many wives he has now again? Well at least he's got the means to support his families. Is he shy or he's just worried that we might tell somebody that he's in the hotel with A.P?


WR comes in.
* Ya ya. I'm not starstrucked. Stop waltzing back and forth in the room. None of us are awed by you being in a room with us.

When I get up to pee, okaaay VN with an outstanding friend drinking in the living room.
* I even saw his last movie and I could really relate to it. Lola had to exile 2 of my elder brothers because of our neverending fights every night. I'm glad he goes to Thames to actually "really" study now.

Next!!! DT.

Me: Q! Jutes naaa!

DT: Dati meron akong tattoo dito sa forearm ko. Kaso pinatanggal ko na. Alam mo yung Bacardi? Yung bat dun? Yun yung tattoo ko.

* Hmm. Now I am really wondering kung totoo nga sinabi ng cosme surgeon friend ko na you underwent penile enlargement surgery. A.P is such a blabber. laughs.

Me: Interesting,DT. AAAARRRRHH! (nabakli yung paa ng chair)

DT: Reluctant laugh.

A.P: Tatawa ka ba or ano?

DT: ………..

Anong meaning ng BACARDI?!!!

AM: Wala muna papasok sa banyo ng Master’s bedroom. Umerna ako.

(The birth of the term Erna)

After badminton session in Smashville, we headed to Acropolis:

A.P: Kaya pa naman. Kaso hindi na makatarungan kasi ako lang nagbabayad. Pati yung chair pinabayaran pa saken. Laughs.

A.P: Lam mo friend, JG asked me to go out. Sabi nya gusto lang daw nya ako matikman.

Q & Me: Nagkatinginan lang.

Then she went to kitchen with OA. Q and I know what will happen.

We didn’t know that he’s with SB nap ala that time.

Q: So, si Ch nga nagpunta sa Discovery. Then Pah pah pah pak pakk na nga sa living room.

Me: Ano itsura? Very Young looking?

Q: Oo.

Me: Mukang Chinese?

Q: Oo

A: ….

Q: Oo

A: ………

I’m sorry …

You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s that one thing that I did that made you gradually drift away from me. I know it seemed a bit normal to our other friends to do that but this time around you got hurt. We were friends. I know it wasn’t like you were falling in love for Ch pero the fact na I sneaked in to get a hold of Ch. I know you felt betrayed.

I was kind of falling for Ch.

Honestly, I knew Ch matagal na. And I am not making this up. We used to chat through and we were supposed to meet up until we lost contacts and somehow I lost Ch in my friends list too.

(Hindi ko naman sya mahanap sa facebook. Kasi wala pa namang facebook nun).

Q: Cr lang ako.

Me: Ok. Let me borrow your phone lang.

I took Q's phone and looked for his number. I sent the bcard to my number. After a minute Q came back.


I looked in my phone. But it wasn’t mine.

Q: bakit sinnend ko sa sarili ko tong number ni Ch.

A.P & OA: Hindi na kami magluto kasi wala palang gas. (gulo-gulo ang hair)

* He actually looks good upclose. Not that too short in height. Btw,"Thanks for the offer,man!"


DT is here!

DT: Late. Galing shoot.

OA: Alis na ako.

You never looked at me the same way. We still hanged but never the same.

I didn’t try to snatch Ch away from you. Matter of fact, Ch was also looking all over for me. I know I should’ve told you right away pero I was too confused how to explain it to you. The way I sneaked my way to getting Ch’s number. It was completely normal for the others to pass around. But not to both of us. You were the closest to being true among the other members of the Gang.

I admit it. I felt awful. I really am sorry. I know this won't bring back our friendship like before. But I'm also saying this to completely clear up my heart. I hope this would clear up yours too. just in case you're still wondering why I did it.

I miss you.


The next day, you didn't come to Acropolis.

PR: Si Q inaatake ng scoliosis. Nakasama daw yung Badminton. Sino ba nagyaya na maglaro sya?

*You gotta stop with the blaming,man.

I stopped seeing the Kuligligs.

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