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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I didn’t have an idea that the hostage taking of 22 Chinese nationals got bloody until the blog of rudeboy got me a bit worried and finally check out the news. I hope this won’t define my patriotism but I always try to avoid any kinds of news coming from MNL. They all seem very negative and appalling. I love my nationality. As a matter of fact I’ve indicated clearly in my resume my nationality as a “proud Filipino” even though some of the Filipinos here that I know told me that it might be disadvantageous for me since most Chinese prefers caucasians or any nationality but from The Philippines. Prior to this I’ve read an article about how the tourism in MNL declined very dramatically. Like almost dead or something. Which is very incredible since manila is loaded with rich histories that can satisfy the different levels of curiosities of people of other cultures. Did anyone notice that the 1st thing that’ll flash in your eyes before the plane lands in terminal 3,”the newest airport” which charges a very intriguing airport usage fee amounting 700++php, when HK has state of the art features but won’t charge a single penny, is a stagnant water space with all the rubbish in different stages of rottenness you won't imagine? It is such an eyesore all the airlines must require to close the windows to shun our country from a big shame of filth.

The Hostage Drama:

Thank God I am laying low with the coffee. I am in a bit of outrage. How did that hostage taker reach his Seniority position when he is in fact a giant psycho? Positioning the bus in Grand stand? Of all the places in MNL he chose thee grandstand. Now, the entire world will remember it by not the oath takings of the Presidents of the Philippines and big ceremonies but this psychopathic act of a former senior member of the authorities. What happened to our police? MNL is like a Ghost town already. Not a lot of people are outside getting busy with their work. Apparently, they are no available jobs for them. Kinalawang na ba talaga ng husto?! I also don’t understand why they had to arrest the brother of the hostage taker. Isn’t keeping the abductor calm is the best approach to put an end to the drama? What? Did they have to question the brother? Of all the news that needs to be blocked, why wasn’t this one? Why the previous overseas hospitalization of a politician more important than this one when lots of people are taking refuge in China and HK because the government got nothing to offer them? Why not block that damned news? Or was it the best strategy of the authorities to make Mendoza surrender? Takutin ba na parang bata para tumigil na sa pag-atungal? Ganun ba yun? What a real super smart strategic mastermind they got in there! Does the government knows how much is the 12 month Cn visa so people can stay here and work to feed their families? People need to spend at least 10,000rmb for that and it takes a great effort to get a considerate agent for that. The Cn government got stiffer and stiffer in giving out visas to Filipinos because of the great numbers of bad incidents and poor relationship status with our government. Filipinos fly out to live. Let them out because there’s nothing for them there. The least thing that the government can do is to be friendly with those countries to help in stabilizing the positions of the OFW in their employers. Filipinos prefer to endure the bombings in Israel and Saudi etc than live and die in hunger in their “home”land. So much was at stake in that hostage drama. Why didn't they just sharp shoot that f%#*ing psycho rightaway? I mean, why do we treat psychos like the rest of us when they have already relinquished their rights to be protected? Para saan ba ang criminal rights na yan or whatever you call it? Ang mga rapist,mamamatay tao etc. My verdict: bury them alive in a formicary. Bakit naman Chinese pa when there is a huge number of Filipinos there....i mean, here who works for their poor families in different poor parts of our country.Papano na ang mga teachers na lumulon ng pride & be an ayi (kasambahay) para mabuhay? Sana umoo na lang kunwari sa gusto then saka parbabarilin hanggang mamatay! So si Vice Mayor Isko Moreno was stuck in traffic kaya hindi nakarating agad. Okay! I need a moment of silence…………………………………………………………………….

I just hope that the President would immediately do something to reestablish our good relationship with China and HK. I am not so sure kung papaano maliligawan to make our already meager reputation to them become a bit worth a try...again. Those poor Chinese people (most of them are elders) gave The Philippines a chance to be discovered! Why? Why let this one be known in the world? Take note, this happened in the “Capital City” of our country. What more in the provincial parts The Philippines? I don’t want to imagine the impact of this in the status of the tourism, stability of tenure of the OFWs, confidence of foreign investors and the economy of our country.

God, help us.


alfiesy said...

Actually, Hong Kong International Airport charges an airport departure fee of HKD 120 which is built into your air ticket.

Rolando Mendoza was a senior inspector, the second lowest rank in the Philippine National Police.

Thought you'd like to know.

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

Yes. 2nd to the lowest in the ranks of the “officials”. If this didn’t happen he will be promoted to captain then lieutenant. Hmm. So I guess that is why the departure flights from MNL to HK look cheaper. Most people don’t notice this and they think it is airport corruption. Thanks.

E said...

My sentiments exactly! They should have killed the mother fucker agad! I'm sorry I was never proLIFE, I'm pro choice and when Mendoza chose to hostage that bus, he chose to be a criminal and therefore stripped off of any rights (my opinion lang naman)...And what a dumb request?!?!? He wanted to be reinstated back to the force after THAT!?!?! Hello! He should have asked for money instead...or a one night stand with Kris Aquino (mas malaki pa ung chances)...Anyway, the bastard is dead and we are all left to suffer the consequences HE DID!

Pano na ko mag aaply ng tourist visa nyan sa CHINA!! PAno na Hk, Macau, China trip ko sa November?!?!

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

Holy s%&t! Thanks for saying that. I thought Nak ng P%&ha ka sana mga pulis na lang hinostage mo para maglabo-labo kayo. I couldn’t believe that that was just his demand. Clearly he wants to drag down the entire country with him. He studied his move. Apparently, his worked and the policemen’s strategy didn’t. Several times. I am actually beginning to think that this was really made to rack the administration with shame.
Yea. Who knows maging sila pa. She’s single now, right? Peace,Krissy!