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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I checked my wrist watch on my bed side table and my heart screams, “Yessss!Umaga na!”
It’s a new day!


“(Fly intro)….
Hear me tonight
'Cause my feeling
Is just so right
As we dance
By the moonlight
Can't you see
You're my delight“

The Day Before:

My bladder woke me up from sleep and I wondered where did I misplace the bottle of “Jasmine tsing tsang chung tsing” (Can’t read Chinese Characters so). Great! Now, I need to actually stand up and walk to take a leak. If I am an animal, I will be a fish. A big water freak fish. I just couldn’t help but drink water at night. Even if I know that later on it’ll disturb my sleep. In the bathroom, I am pissing sitting down with the door wide open. I’m on my own and I can do anything I want. I’m just too sleepy to urinate while standing up. Imagine the predicament of being a guy. Besides, Beaux (pron. Bow) is also up. So it’s kind of difficult to aim it to the center. My place is on the 5th floor of a condotel within a big garden. It’s a 2 bedroom unit with living room, kitchen and 2 separate verandas for doing the laundry and to chill. When you open the windows of either bedroom you’ll see the view of the main pool within a big yard. I was completely alright living in this fair crib alone for more than 2 years now until these past weeks. I’m currently on vacation now. School closes for the summer. Thus, I can laze around all day. It’s my first time to be on a vacation from work for an entire month. My main goal was to get a lot of rest. So on the first day, I slept for as long as I wanted, ate like I am next in line to be hanged and slept again. It goes on for about a week and this habit intervened, destroyed, and pulverized my normal body clock. (I envy Beaux)Now, I realized that my days are wasting away. I got tired of sleeping so early and getting up so late. I’d fall asleep at 6 in the morning and wake up at 7pm. It makes me lonely seeing the glorious view of the sunrise before I close my window curtains for I am already sleepy and I need to say good night to it. I just want to enjoy the day with the sun again. I mean, how can I even say,”Seize the day!” if I’m up at night and I am in between 2 different dates. I am completely disoriented with the dates and my laptop’s clock is set in XX Time to keep up with Boo who’s based there.

Exhales... Haay. Naalala ko tuloy when I was still working in a call center back in Mnl.

I’d go out from work during the day and see most of the people in the city looking fresh with their hair still slightly wet, Ate sitting in the karinderia cashier’s combing her slightly wet hair looking in a broken compact mirror attached on the counter, Jeepneys full of students combing their slightly wet hair and a teenaged boy with dried up baby powder on his face trying to force his slightly wet hair apart to the middle. I can imagine, Chics and Dell are just on with the goofy Rushers. I miss that radio show a lot. Apparently, Manong is also one of the million taxi driver fans of this fm show which often yells “Bisyo nato!” Well, Medyo kwela na din. It sucks that I was always surrounded with smoker friends during break times. Though, I loved hanging out with them. Not like I had a choice. On a Friday night, I couldn’t go out because my shift starts at midnight. One time during my break, I went out to Warehouse 135 to meet Krix in stead of eating. He was one of the free promoters of the club so we can always shun the long lines and get to drink all night with out spending a dime. Free promoter means he can also get drunk while at work. I love my buddy Krix and I miss him a lot. Darn! We could get away with anything. When, I came back to office and sat down, I felt numb facing the computer. I had to confess to my supervisor and rush to the cafeteria to eat something within 10 minutes.

Texting Krix:

S.B: I will never do this again!
Krix: I’m here by the bar,lfan. I still have 5 stubs then transfer tayo sa Emba. Asan ka?
S.B: I’m here by d vendo w8ting 4 my cofi.
Krix: ha? Sinong Vendo? San vanda? Wru?
Then after a minute, he miscalled me. But when I dialed his phone it’s turned off already. That means, he’s hooked up already. So kunwari nalowbatt and will just talk later. It’s a common habit we had.

This work has ruined my life, I thought. Well, my social life. After a month of our so called SABRE training (it sucks that most of the things that we were trained for apparently won’t really apply when I’m already in the floor. Darn!) I was positioned in the Flight Fulfillments Department. There, I speak to idle Flight officers for available flights ( I remembered getting hold by Air France for an hour and then the officer told me that was because he was on break! Well, “Tu fais chier! Fils de pute!”) and then inform the passengers that they have to tell their relatives to change their wedding day because their departure date from LAX to NYC has suddenly moved to a week later.

Waking up at night really made me feel that I am alone. Especially now that I don’t have to go to work for a while. I thought I will always be fine like this but I was wrong. So, I said, ”This gotta stop! It ruins me!” In the morning, I did my best to not tolerate my drowsiness. In stead, I watched the series “Stacked” in It kept me laughing until 930. Pamela was so funny in this show. Stacked is such a hilarious series. I wonder why they refrained from shooting it after only 1 season. Then, I took a shower, packed my bag, grabbed soya milk and head out to the gym. While walking I can feel my body like a bruised banana swaying on a tiny hammock. I tried working my torso out with all my might. Thanks to the Chinese little kid who kept me entertained. Kakatuwa. Making kulitan with kids amuses me a lot. Take note! I do that for a living. Teaching cute and cuddly Chinese kids how to communicate through play,music and doing artworks is what I have been doing for quite some time now. =) Being surrounded with kids is such a fun & therapeutic job. Looking into their eyes is like looking to a window of my mostly happy childhood memories (I was a kid that grew up with a lola). Oh! The salary is quite cool too. Hehe. Afterwards, I went home to chat and play chess on-line with Boo overseas.

“I’m so sorry for always sounding irritated taking your calls because I am always in the middle of trying to normalize my sleeping habits. It’s so annoying that our time couldn’t match up. Like a round peg to a square hole. Now, things will change. I swear I will always try my best.”

Now, In my half lotus position I am happy that I can say, “Carpe Diem!” OHHHHMM…

Seize the day!

I just feel like
I won't get you
Out of my mind
I feel loved
For the first time
And I know that it's true
I can tell by the look in your eyes”

Lady by: Modjo

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